A woman, who has not been identified, had Mushrooms Growing inside her. She had to go to the hospital, where surgeons removed them. There is also footage of the mushrooms being removed from the 50-year-old patient. Doctors shared the footage of the mushrooms in the woman's stomach. Some of them were nearly 3-inches long. Apparently the mushrooms got stuck inside her stomach as she usually cooked them dry without soaking them, and she didn't chew them properly. She added the mushrooms to her stew and then drank it. The organisms were still dehydrated as she drank the mixture.

Once inside her, it's believed the mushrooms expanded, which caused a blockage and pain the following day.

Complained of severe stomach cramps

The woman was suffering from severe stomach cramps for a few days. Eventually she decided to seek medical advice, and that's when she was hospitalized. Doctors performed a number of scans to figure out what was causing the woman's pains before they discovered the mushrooms.

Dr. Wang Weifei treated the patient at the hospital in Yiwu, Zheijang Province of China. He said scans showed that the patient's duodenum was obstructed by a number of mushrooms. The duodenum is where the small intestine and stomach meet.

The doctor said many of the mushrooms were in pieces.

However, there was a whole mushroom found, and that's the one that was nearly 3-inches long. The medic said it's not unusual for mushrooms to expand in a short period of time after it comes into contact with acid in the stomach. Doctors added that this was the reason to prepare mushrooms properly in water and to chew them before swallowing them.

As for the patient, she should be fine. All of the mushrooms were removed from her stomach. Her surgery was a success and she's expected to make a full recovery.

Not the first odd surgery

In early March, another patient in China had to undergo surgery for something unusual. In that incident, the 45-year-old man, who was not identified, decided to insert two live loaches up his rectum.

One of the fish made its way to his intestines.The man, who was drunk when he inserted the fish, was taken to the hospital. He had a high temperature, severe stomach pain, and low blood pressure. Doctors were able to remove the fish.