V Transmission is shorthand for Virtual Transmission, which comes from a poem by William Gibson based on The Agrippa Files. This refers to how mankind is evolving to a state where we will only contact and speak to each other through Virtual Transmissions, due to all the computers, mobile phones etc, and is thus an insight into a bleak dystopian future.

V Transmission: famous members

V-T sticksman Mick Bedford – of Wedding Present and Chumbawumba fame – is the definitive powerhouse engine room for the band, seemingly taking his cues from prime-era Ministry as much as he does from Larry Mullen Jr.

Visionary frontman Andrew Boucher focuses the four-piece on their heartfelt mission, brought all the more into impassioned relief by the fact that the band has been battling numerous internal issues over their twenty-odd year career.

The band’s bleak, industrial sound is borne of a certain Manchester reality, where pre-Oasis, Smiths, or Happy Mondays, there was on one side Joy Division or Warsaw, and the other side the Editors. V Transmission strip away protective, post-modern layers of irony to leave a raw, real core, best exemplified on "Silence The Guns." The anti-war message is clear, and the video poignantly dwells on a fallen ancestor of Boucher’s, one again lending integrity to V-T’s post-millennial angst.

V Transmission: chromatic vision

Elsewhere, echoes of The Chameleons, Bauhaus and Berlin-era Bowie resonate through tracks such as "No More Lights" or "Red Cherry Smiles." V Transmission have had three top twenty entries into the Euro indie charts over the last 12 months, and are currently No. 15 with "Red Cherry Smiles." Through grainy black and white hardship to the stars, there is nothing Virtual about this (super) group.

V Transmission will bring their sonic assault to the festival south coast of the UK in September 2017, where they will join Dodgy, David Devant and His Spirit Wife, Eat Static, Bea Munroe and more at Worthing, Sussex's celebration of Oscar Wilde's residency in the town and contemporary musical and artistic culture at WildeFest 2017.