London's cream of the contemporary blues-rock crop Cherry White drop their first release in eighteen months, with the burningly impassioned 'Say My Name'. Bringing to mind echoes of 'Horses' era Patti Smith, the mellower, more reflective side of Pink Floyd, or even a Beautiful South for the Snapchat-sick generation, the band are leading the charge in the UK's blues-rock revolution.

Cherry White: London Independents at the 100 Club

Proudly independent, CW notched up their 200th gig at the capital's legendary 100 Club recently. Along with a slew of festival appearances, including Roadstock at Trecco Bay, the band have firmly established themselves as one of the capital's must-sees in recent times.

While music venues up and down the country close their doors due to business rates rises and complaining neighbours, the support of iconic venues such as the 100 is more vital than ever.

Relatively new Lithuanian frontwoman, the brilliantly monikered Donata Sounds delivers the smouldering 'Say My Name' in duet form, the song's weighty message and chiming guitars coalescing perfectly to slip through the vacuity of contemporary celebrity culture. Her appeal as a cry for genuine love and appreciation through a sea of duckface selfies is made well, and highlights a growing concern over empty culture.

In a time of conservaism and fear in post-Brexit Britain, CW ask their audience for a more liberal, outward-looking perspective.

Wembley welcomes Cherry White

Recorded in Wembley and mastered at Metropolis studios, "Say My Name" is a cry of defiance in an increasingly confusing world. In times when so many people feel put-upon by their history, their profession, their country or even the people they love, "Say My Name" gives a voice to those shut out in the storm.

Eschewing celebrity culture as the time-waster it is, there is no more impassioned and determined band on the UK blues-rock scene right now. Get 'Say My Name at the links below, and join Donata and the CW boys on their forward march.