The effect of climate change is very evident to the surroundings nowadays. But, it is not only the environment gets affected by the Global warming. In fact, even humans are a victim of this phenomenon.

As a matter of fact, climate change is now making people sicker because of the deadly illnesses it brings. Air pollution can cause this, widespread changes in weather patterns and more. This claim has been proved by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health that represents 400,000 doctors from the United States.

Affected victims

“Doctors in every part of our country see that climate change is making Americans sicker,” the director of the mentioned group and a professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va said (via USA Today).

Physicians are always on their battleground, this they know and see the sicknesses caused by the climate change in their exam rooms.

And what even frightening are the kids and the elderly are often the victims. Also, citizens with low income, the ones with chronic diseases and residents in communities of color are significantly affected. “That was the experience that first got me thinking about how our summers are getting hotter and what does that mean for children, their health, and their safety,” doctor at Pediatric Associates of Alexandria Ahdoot told Huffington Post.

Three types of dangerous effects

The worsening global warming can cause three different types of illnesses. The first one is “direct harms.” It brings in great damages, or worse deaths, because of the drastic change of weather.

This causes asthma and other lung diseases that can be worsened by wildfires, extreme heat, and prolonged allergy seasons.

The second one is the widening increase of sicknesses through pests that carry different infections like Lyme disease or Zika virus. These, too, can be obtained through contaminated food and water. Lastly, the third one is the damage the global warming can do to one’s mental health, such as depression and anxiety.

The culprits of global warming

The continuous heating of the Earth’s surface is caused by burning of fossil fuels, like gas, oil, and coal, which releases Greenhouse Gasses – carbon dioxide and methane. This procedure is made to power the world, but this also harms planet’s atmosphere. Hence, the global warming people are experiencing varies from the scorching weather, intense coldness, heavy pouring from the usual, unbelievable snowstorm and other unexplainable natural climate cycles.

Moreover, in an effort to fight the global warming, the coalition eyes to send a petition to the governors, mayors, companies, Fortune 500 chief executives, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Donald Trump’s administration to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses.