The White House unveiled Thursday, a measured approach to the Israeli policy of colonization of the occupied Palestinian Territories. And, President Trump, considered by the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu as much more favorable to his views than his predecessor, Barack Obama, has always been critical toward this issue.

The Trump administration said that the construction or expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories could not promote peace with the Palestinians.

'Netanyahu will be pleased.'

"If we do not believe that the existence of the settlements is an obstacle to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current limits could not help to achieve this goal,' according to the White House staff.

This output, which does not call into question the existence of established colonies, is to disenchant the Israeli far right, who hoped to make constructions in the settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem with the consent without reserve of the U.S. ally.

Israeli government welcomed the statement:

Paradoxically, the Israeli government welcomed the U.S, statement issued the day before, considering it a green light for the development of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, provided they remain within their current limits. Tzipi Hotovely, deputy foreign minister and issued as Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud, interprets the communique in the same way.

"The opinion of the White House is also that the colonies are not an obstacle to peace and, indeed, they have never been, has it rejoiced.

Therefore, the conclusion is that new constructions are not a problem. Netanyahu is going to be happy," said an Israeli diplomat quoted by Reuters. For him, the Israeli Prime Minister has "virtually carte blanche to build as much as he wants in the existing colonies provided they do not extend their surface."

A 'reprimand':

If the newspaper Times of Israel described the American exit as a 'reprimand', Haaretz said the announcement 'is both a surprise and a disappointment for some members of the Israeli right wing, The coming to power of Trump would lead to the end of the two-state solution and a new era of expansion of Israeli settlements.

Even if, acknowledges the daily, the American statement 'also contains good news for the Israeli right, because it indicates that the Trump administration does not believe that the colonies in themselves are an obstacle to peace, But only their extension.