Despite the efforts of humankind to find evidence of extraterrestrial life, it seems that all attempts so far have proved to be unsuccessful. A new study suggests there is a possibility to respond to the many questions that arise in the research of extraterrestrial life, according to The study says that aliens should have already found out that the Earth is inhabited

Are aliens studying our planet?

It is assumed that the life forms that could live in Space are using some methods similar to ours to find out if they are alone or not in the Universe.

One of the methods used by scientists to study distant planets is examining the shadows near the stars. The authors of the new study say that the aliens are most likely to use the same method to study our planet.

Are aliens using the same methods of observation?

René Heller, a researcher from the Institute of Astrophysics in Gottingen, Germany said that it is impossible to predict whether aliens are using the same techniques of observation as humans. If this is true, they should rely on the same physical principles as humans rely on, according to Heller. Moreover, scientists argue that aliens would have a technological system similar to ours, not more advanced, as it was believed until recently.

The authors of the study say that if aliens existed, they could have identified a long time ago that the planet Earth is inhabited.

How can the aliens be detected?

Scientists propose that the efforts to find extraterrestrial life should be focused on studying more effectively the evolution of our planet against the Sun. In this regard, astronomers hope they will be able to have a better understanding of the process of the Earth rotating around the Sun, in order to learn how the Earth could be made more visible to our potential visitors.

The authors of the study also say that humans cannot hide from observers in the Earth's solar transit zone, even if our species has chosen to remain isolated to protect us from interstellar contact.