A councilor, who prefers anonymity, was working at the Vegas del Genil town hall near Granada in Spain recently when he got the fright of his life. He was working late on the evening of February 3 when he felt the air suddenly turn really chilly. He said he felt unusually cold and decided to put on his coat to keep warm. He told the local Ideal newspaper that he then stood up to head to the bathroom, and that is when he had the scary experience, saying he heard an unusual rustling sound in the hall. Reportedly the sound was like someone dragging files across the floor and he immediately suspected a burglary in progress.

Councilor gets a ghostly fright when spotting an apparition

Not wishing to disturb the intruders, he decided not to turn on the light, but took out his phone to make a call, and ended up taking an image of the hallway instead, to try and see if there was someone there. At first glance it looked like the hallway was empty, so he headed back to his office. However, a second glance at the photo showed the councilor what looked like the ghostly apparition of a young child. He said he then went into a state of panic and decided to lock himself in the office before sending the ghostly image to a Whatsapp group used by the local council. Some Twitter users found it hilarious that the councilor thought a locked door could protect him.

However, one of his fellow councilors immediately headed to the town hall to “rescue” the man and take him home.

Ghost is merely a 'collective psychosis'

Reportedly the major of the town, Leandro Martin, initially thought the whole incident was a joke.

However, after hearing other council staff complaining about similar experiences with the “inexplicable” cold in the same hallway, he almost changed his mind. Reportedly a mechanic had even been brought in to check whether the heating was working correctly at some stage, and it turned out it was. However, Martin told El Mundo that since then, things had got really out of hand.

He said he is a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and all things supernatural and that the whole "inexplicable cold" thing was merely a "collective psychosis."

Despite the mayor's beliefs, another councilor called in a local Reiki practitioner, who attempted a “cleansing session” in that hallway and she did report feeling a presence there. Since then the mayor is being inundated with calls to get a priest to perform an exorcism in the town hall, especially after a fake news story circulated saying a small girl had died there some years ago when the building was used as a school. The mayor, however, is still skeptical and says he cannot justify spending money to hire a medium in these troubled financial days.

Readers can see the actual photo taken by the councilor below - let us know in the comments what you think of the image of the so-called ghostly child?