Donald Trump has been in the saddle for nearly a month now and is gradually realizing the hard way that it is not a bed of roses. He is trying to come to terms with situations that are forcing him to retreat from his stances. He feels that the media is singling him out for criticism and he has already branded major broadcasters as enemies of the American people. In his opinion, the media is dishonest, and there is corruption.

Immigration ban backfired

Before becoming the President, he had said that, if elected, he would ban entry of immigrants into the US.

Therefore, immediately after taking over control of the White House, he issued orders prohibiting entry of such people from Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. His fear was that they would have terror links.

However, he was caught off guard on the issue and faced criticism of the immigration ban from all quarters. Finally, the Court had to intervene, and a US federal court blocked the order.

At the Florida rally, he revealed that he would issue a fresh order on the subject within a few days. Obviously, Donald Trump has an alternative up his sleeve – he is not the one to surrender easily.

Outsourcing of jobs

The President’s dream is to Make America Great Again but, he has not yet been able to confirm who would be in his cabinet.

Added to that are rumors floating around about uneasiness and strife within the administration. In the course of his Florida rally, he admitted to his audience that the campaign of "making America great again" is not an easy task because of the press and the media who, he feels, are not in sync with his ideas.

Donald Trump has harped on what he labeled as the stupidity of politicians that has allowed other countries to exploit and take advantage of America.

He has said that there will be no repetition of that and has added that outsourcing of jobs is unacceptable. Those who are toying with such options will have to pay a hefty price. He wants Americans to be employed and not generate employment for others. Instead of outsourcing, America should hold on to new jobs that are pouring in.