Scientists from Harvard have created a small amount of the most uncommon material on our planet -- and maybe the most valuable one. The experiment is about hydrogen converted into metal, an amazing act of modern alchemy, according to The Independent.

The professor Isaac Silvera, the researcher who made the discovery (along with Dr. Ranga Dias) thinks that this is "the Holy Grail of high pressure physics."

The scientist explained that this is the first sample of metallic hydrogen ever achieved on Earth, and when you look at it, you look at something that has never existed before.

For almost 100 years, researchers wanted to transform hydrogen into metal, and now, the success of the team of experts from Harvard could make their dream into reality.

A new era for space exploration?

According to Science magazine, the metallic hydrogen would revolutionize the whole technology. Super fast computers, levitating trains, and other vehicles -- which would be ultra-efficient -- could be created because of this discovery. Theoretically, almost anything that involves electricity can be amazingly improved with this. More, humanity could explore Space in a way that has never been possible before.

However, the optimism of the scientists is tempered by the worry that this metal might prove to be unstable at normal pressure, and temperature.

At present, a small sample of metallic hydrogen can be seen only by means of two diamonds that have been used to break the liquid hydrogen, at a temperature well below the freezing point. Scientists explained that the required amount of pressure for the success of the experiment was immense, far greater than the one from the Earth's center.

A very powerful fuel for spaceflight

Metallic hydrogen can dramatically transform the way the solar system could be explored, offering a form of fuel almost four times more powerful than what we have so far. Silvera said that single-stage to orbit rockets and much bigger objects could be sent into space with this new discovery.