The Pashtuns are a distinct ethnic race inhabiting Afghanistan and the North West Frontier in Pakistan. At the moment the Pakistan army is waging a war against the Pashtuns, who are fighting a war for independence against Pakistan. In a no-holds-barred campaign, no quarter is given by either side. It is now alleged by Umar Daud, an activist, that the Pakistan army has captured hundreds of Pashtun girls to serve as camp followers. He has alleged that the Pakistan army is using the Pashtun girls as sex slaves. The army is operating in force in the border region of Swat and Waziristan, which form part of the FATA (federally administered territory area), and borders Afghanistan.

It is using guns, tanks, and aircraft in the operation, and the UNHRC has estimated that 500,000 refugees have fled the area to Afghanistan to escape the action of the Pakistan army. In a fluid battle situation with refugees fleeing, the allegations of Umar Daud cannot be dismissed outright.

The Pashtuns

They are hardly a race, and at the moment, have many factions. One faction called the Haqqani faction of the Taliban is supported by Pakistan against the government of Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani is supported by the USA. The Pashtuns are Muslims but have strong differences wth the Muslims of Pakistan. An ethnic war is being fought in FATA.

Action by army

Pashtun girls are generally fair and beautiful.

Their abduction is very much in the realm of possibility. The Pakistan army is entirely composed of non-Pashtuns, being drawn mainly from the Punjab province. It is confirmed that the army in action in this region has destroyed entire villages and bombed the area, resulting in a flood of refugees. To face the situation, they have set up a Pashtun Liberation Army to fight the ongoing war.

India supports the Ashraf Ghani government, along with the USA. The activist Umar Daud, in a tweet, has alleged that the Pakistan army has kept hundreds of captured Pashtun girls in safe houses in Lahore for the gratification of the officers.