earthquake one was registered at an initial 5.3 magnitude in Italy, just 5,5kms west south west of Amatrice in the center of the country. This was followed in very fast succession by yet another quake and then a third. The tremors were felt in Rome about 70 miles away.The earthquake which struck at 0:14:11.56 UTC on Jan 18, 2017, was quite shallow and was estimated to be about 6 miles (10kn) deep. The Independent mentioned that Amatrice is one of the towns that was devastated by a quake in August last year. ABC reported that in that quake over 200 people died and thousands were left homeless.

Earthquakes were all severe - three within an hour

The second quake, according to the US Geological Survey was a 5.7 magnitude and happened about 50 minutes after the first quake. The third one came in at magnitude 5.3 just ten minutes later. There is so much concern that according to a report by the Independent, the Rome Metro was evacuated. They also pointed out that "Seismologists say previous quakes have stressed the Laga Fault, which is rupturing."

Central Italy quakes are restructuring the earth

Since the August earthquakes,there were two more recorded and both were of magnitudes 6. The Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology have said that all these quakes have actually changed the landscape in central Italy as they have caused structural landscape reshaping over an area of 600 square kilometers and some land has dropped by 70cm.and the area

Watch real-time video of tremors in apartment

Love Kids Youtuber posted a compilation off the quakes which were also felt in Felt in Lazio, Tuscany, Abruzzo and the Marche.

WPRI reported on the earthquakes and gave more information, reminding us all about last year's quakes while more information is awaited.

At the time of writing this article, there have been a number of aftershock quakes in Italy.

From across the world, tweets and social media are seeing people send their prayers, love, and concern to Italy during this very scary earthquake time. This is a developing story.