The daily tabloid Express reports that the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, has recently declared that migrants should stop refusing jobs simply because of religious motives. Many muslim immigrants refuse to work, for example, in places where food is served, because they say Islam forbids pork and alcoholic beverages.

A tough situation

The migrant crisis has proven to be a very delicate matter to handle for most European countries. Among the countries that are dealing with the massive influx of refugees is Norway. The country is among the most sought after destinations for migrants and refugees, due to it being far away from war zones and having high living standards.

This is in spite of the fact that Norway has frequently challenged the migrant quotas imposed by the European Union, and has set up extra border checks. This makes it a little more difficult for immigrants to enter the country now, compared to other regions in the EU.

However, it might seem that not all those seeking asylum in the Scandinavian country are refugees that want to integrate. Instead, some seem to act more like economic migrants than refugees. Some people also say that many of them refuse to properly integrate in Norwegian society.

This sentiment seems to be shared by the Norwegian PM as well. She has recently declared that migrants have no right to refuse jobs based on their religious beliefs.

She also said that while Norway is open when it comes to accepting new immigrants, they must forge a path in life themselves, instead of refusing work and solely relying on social benefits.

All foreigners must adapt in Norway

Erna Solberg has given an interview on Euronews program Global Conversation. In it (the interview starts at 4:20 minutes), she has said that certain migrants of Muslim faith refuse to work in places where alcohol and pork are served.

Some of them are also reluctant to let their wives go to work, because they don’t want their women to become too active in Norwegian society and, thus, become too independent as well, Mrs. Solberg says.

While she expressed her sympathy for Muslim stay-at-home mothers, she firmly affirmed that migrants should not expect the Norwegian government to pay their social benefits.

She also affirmed that in Norway, it is normal to see people with different sexual orientations, and that migrants should live by Norwegian standards when it comes to women’s rights.

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaunt has also shared this sentiment. In a post on her social media, she has declared that immigrants must not expect the society to adapt to their demands, saying that in Norway, people eat pork, drink and show their faces.

This kind of discourse seems to be a shift from the usual norm. Many European citizens have criticized their governments for not speaking sufficiently of the issue. And indeed, many European politicians have been rather silent when it comes to the problems that some migrants cause, in what many have criticized as being a far too “politically correct” stance.