Mark Blyth, a British professor that teaches political economy, has successfully predicted three of the most surprising political events of the last year: Brexit, Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States, and the Italians voting “No” in the referendum. The reason these predictions were surprising was that most polls showed an almost opposite situation, and yet the professor correctly guessed the outcome. However, his latest theory is even bolder and more ambitious! Blyth believes the European Union will cease to exist by the end of the year, the Daily Express reports.

Blyth believes the Union will fall soon

One of the most shocking things about this prediction is the fact that the professor strongly believes the European Union could fall even before the United Kingdom will sign Article 50. This document will represent the official process by which England will leave the European Union. Blyth believes that the end could come sooner than expected.

Another event that could either precipitate or downright trigger the downfall of the EU would be a possible victory of Marine Le Pen in France. According to certain polls, Le Pen and her party, the National Front, have an increased chance of winning the first round of elections. If this happens, it could trigger a massive effort to form a blocking coalition in order to stop Le Pen from a decisive victory.

This is where the main problem will lie: Le Pen’s main adversary in the French presidential race is Francois Fillon, a politician with a very strong Thatcer-like political agenda. Mr. Blyth believes that if he were to be elected, it could mean a period of economical stagnation on top of the financial difficulties already suffered by France.

This political dilemma will cause massive uproar among the French, and the country (which is one of the pillars of the EU) will be left in a state of turmoil, argues the professor. This will further weaken the Union, and may lead to its downfall.

This prediction has been met with a mixed reaction. While some think it is not a far-fetched theory, others are very skeptical that a political union that has existed for almost a century can crumble so abruptly.

Tension continues to rise in Europe

Meanwhile, the situation in Europe seems to be deteriorating, due to Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the migrant crisis unwittingly caused by German chancellor Angela Merkel. Controversial UKIP politician Nigel Farage (one of the supporters of Brexit) has warned numerous times that a victory for Le Pen could lead to the fall or the European Union.

As the political climate continues to become unpleasant, the citizens of Europe look at their future with uncertainty.