The South African media are barred from using the term prostitutes but instead are obliged to use the term: Sex worker. The soft stance of the national government on sex workers has caused an alarming rise in underage prostitution.

New laws after apartheid

In 1994 when the country decided to stop apartheid (segregation) the new government - the African National Congress (ANC) had a liberal constitution for the gang-ridden and poverty-stricken nation.Prof. Kader Asmal from the ANC now deceased, said in Mitchells Plain the largest so-called Coloured township of almost two million that: "We will allow prostitution to create work in the townships".

Today prostitution is out of control with mostly gang bosses and refugees from Congo, Tanzania and Nigeria pimping young girls from the townships. People in Bishop Lavis, another coloured township say there are European men who getunderage sex from primary school children as young as 9 and 10 to do blue movies.

The local metro police says they are trying to track these men but have been unsuccessful so far as none of these small girls would say anything. They remain tight-lipped. I was with the vice-squad the other day. We spotted a 15-year-old girl in Macassar, a coloured township near the Cape Town international Airport. The police took her home, but her mom was furious, saying: "I put my daughter on the streets to bring in food for the family."

School girls use sex with alacrityand dump their school uniform and put on tight mini-skirts to go hitn the streets because they need the expensive Tik drug.

Tik is a form of crystal Methamphetamine. It is highly addictive and youngsters get hooked at the first smoke. It is a mixture heroine, dishwashing liquid, rat poison and other ingredients.

Drug dealer

A drug dealer told me he makes 100 percent profit on Tik. Tik makes you feel sexual and high-headed. You feel energetic and can have sex non-stop the entire night.

In Worcester 100 Km (80 miles) from the city of Cape Town a social worker told me mothers let their underage daughters get pregnant so that the entire family can live on the government grant. The government gives monthly allowances for father-less babies till they are 18 years old.

Prostitution for the tourists

the government also plans to drop the age of sex consent from 18 to 16.

They are the only country in Africa who has legalised gay rights and gay marriages -- All for the tourist attraction.

I was with the South African police, again in Macassar when they stopped a one-armed man in his late 50s with a 14-year-old girl in his van. Her underwear was on the seat next to him.

A community worker with us explained that "It is the poverty which has lead to prostitution." One 16-year-old ran to the cops when her Nigerian pimp tried to get away. She told me: "I was at a club in Durban and drugged. They keep me continually drugged."