Thousands took to the streets this week in support of the Palestinians who are protesting against the Israeli government. There is worldwide condemnation against the Israeli move to shift their capital from Tel Aviv to the historic city of Jerusalem. Most people in the march condemned the American president Donald Trump for siding with the Israeli government. Several Palestinian youths who live and study in Cape Town said the new capital will spark an endless conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and is a blatant and audacious move against the peace process.


There were several speakers who condemned the new Israeli capital. A Muslim conflict clergyman Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels from the Cape Town-based Muslim judicial council said: "The protest is global. All over the world people are enraged by the new capital the Israelis took without consultation with the Palestinians. He said the world is dismayed at America and other western countries who sided with the Israeli process of initiating a new capital which will spark anger worldwide.

Other speakers spoke of the Israeli aggression and so-called illegal occupation of Arab land. Another said Israel is not a member of the anti-nuclear program. ` A speaker, Abdurahmaan Khan, said that he is angry at the Israeli government for disturbing the peace process in the region.

He said he dreams of a day that peace will reign in the holy lands. He felt such a dream would not be realised in his lifetime.

Another said the instability in the Palestine/Israel area could spark a world conflict. Another said there is nothing in Israel, no minerals, no real natural resources and it's merely a desert and he didn't understand why there is such great interest and conflict in that region.

Another person, Gawie Daniel,s who is a Christian said he supports the Muslim march because Palestine belongs to everyone, to the Christians, to the Muslims as well as the Jews. He found it difficult to comprehend why people of different groups such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims would engage in great conflict instead of living together in peace and harmony.


Another local, Azeeza Lee, a Muslim woman, said Donald Trump has the audacity to side with the aggressor. A priest who declined to be named said people must learn to live in peace and love and stop fighting each other. He felt what the world really needs during our time is love, peace, and brotherhood among nations and races.