An American astronomer proposed a new method for detecting aliens according to and The idea of the American scientist could be translated into reality only if a significant period of time is allocated for this project.

David Kipping, an astronomer at Columbia University, suggests a new method for finding extraterrestrial civilizations. The researcher argues that aliens can be discovered by using the answer to a very trivial question: what is the best method to get noticed when you are in the middle of a crowd?

The answer is as simple as it can be: you attract the attention of others somehow exactly in the moment they turned their attention to you.

Geometrical figures could help us get in contact with aliens?

The specialist says aliens could draw geometric figures in Space by using lasers. People could detect these geometric figures drawn by aliens by using a technique known as photometry. Astronomers have discovered more than 2,300 planets so far through this technique -- a technique which is used to analyze the light emitted by a star, while it is partially blocked by the shadow of a planet.

Kipping believes that our prospective neighbors from outer space can use this principle to make their presence announced.

The researcher says that it is much easier for aliens to direct laser beams in the direction of Earth, and for people to detect their transit instead of building giant structures like UFOs to get in touch.

The scientist says that in order to detect the presence of aliens, we just have to intercept the beginning and the end of their transit.

According to calculations made by Kipping, this procedure can only be done with the help of a laser beam of 30 megawatts, which should run uninterrupted for 10 hours.

The procedure would require a very long time

David Kipping says that the interception of the transit of an alien planets located outside our solar system would require a very long time, because light detected might only be observed during several hours in a year.

Therefore, scientists have expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the method suggested by Kipping.

The scientist, however, is optimistic and believes that extraterrestrial civilizations will be finally detected. Kipping says that the chances for this to happen are great.