There was a disturbing video published on YouTube a few days ago which shows a situation which occurredon the Macedonian border. Are these homeless and hungry immigrants from Syria really refusingfood parcels delivered by the Red Cross because of the Christian symbol drawn on the boxes?

Lately, South European countries like Greece, Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia have been struggling with the high number of refugees who are trying to get across the Balkans and head to a Western countries such as Germany and Switzerland in search of a better life.

Thisroute across the Mediterranean Sea is considered to be extremely dangerous, and it's no surprise that there are more and more cases where a number of people die trying to reach their destination.

The conditions on the border crossings are rough, with people reporting that the refugees are hungry and thirsty, with not enough first aid equipment and amenities such as blankets and clothes.

This is why the report of Syrian immigrants refusing food because of a cross on the boxes came as quite a surprise. The whole story developed from a single video shot on the Macedonian border, andmany people started fearing that this group of "orthodox Muslims" would threaten the peace in Europe itself.

But, how much of these claims istrue?

When we go back to trace this story, we find that these claims associated with the video mostly come from extremely biased articles with titles containing phrases such as "Jihadi pigs".

If we take a look at the video itself, there can be no definite conclusion as to what exactly is going on. We see people waiting in line at the border, and the police seemingly aimlessly walking around carrying boxes. The cross on the boxes in not very large (nor is it a traditional Christian cross, for that matter) and the immigrants would have a tough time even spotting it.

On the other hand, we indeed see some people yelling and waving their hands as if to repel the police, but these are only a few of the immigrants, with the majority looking around confused with what is going on.

The video is too short and too vague for us to be able to come to any definite conclusion as to what is really going on.

But since reports state that immigrants, once they were on the other side of the border, did indeed take all the help they could get and did not care about something as trivial as a cross on the boxes, this whole "refugees refuse aid" story seems blown out of proportion.

So, a Muslim invasion or anti-Islam propaganda? Watch the video and put youropinion in the comments.