The Bureau of Democratic Unity, group opposed to the government of Venezuela, issued a statement last week, after the state of emergency that President Nicolas Maduro declared in the border municipalities of Tachira, renewable for 60 days.The executive secretary of the popularly called MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática), Jesus "Chuo" Torrealba, read the statement which is based upon that "state of exception" saying it is a trial balloon created by the regime, attempting to suspend the next parliamentary elections due to the government’s imminent defeat.

Torrealba said the announcement by Nicolas Maduro on the statement of an alleged "state of emergency" in border cities of Tachira state "for a period of 60 days extendable by 60 days more," is rejected by MUD because the situation of insecurity prevailing in the border and the economic crisis, as the phenomenon called "bachaqueo" andthe issue of smuggling obey root causes, arising or aggravated in the last 17 years and affecting the whole country.

Later, the opposition’s leader talked about a solution to this situation is only in the hands of the Venezuelan people, who shall exercise their sovereignty directly through voting in around100 days (December 6).

“We denounce that this is a measure directed to distract people's attention, wielded by a government that has been unable to give real answers to the socio-economic drama and the crisis of insecurity that plagues all Venezuelans, whether civil, military or police officials” Torrealba said.

According to the opposition group, such a measure may affect the human rights of citizens. “If they already are openly violated by the Government without the support of any State Exception, excesses that could occur under this framework just raise concern and alarm”, Toreealba declared to the Venezuelan press.

Torrealba stated that MUD is sending a message of unconditional solidarity with the Tachira people.

He emphasized that "indefinite" extension of the closure of the border with San Antonio-Cúcuta will cause damage to Tachira people.

There is economic activity and civic and family life on both sides of the border, and interrupting it is capricious and arbitrary, an act of destabilization of the life of that community, generating economic damage and social unrest, especially for the most humble people in the area.

In this sense this is not a measure to "prevent" an emergency situation, but to artificially provoke it.

MUD finally called upon the Organization of American States, the UNASUR foreign ministers, the Secretary General of the Vatican and the entire international community to set on the alarms because it will be too dangerous as it is related to a democratric country.

According to the opposition group, this unusual anddisproportionate 'state of emergency' decree, issued only 109 days before crucial parliamentary elections, may be the escape route used by the National Goverment to prevent such imminent and certain defeat, which put the country and with it the entire Latinamerica region in a very serious risk of instability and violence – which is precisely what normal conduct of elections can and should avoid.