Owning a website and using it as an advertising tool is becoming an increasingly popular way of making money online. This is why you’ll come across so much online marketing if you ever investigate ways to generate income on the internet. Unfortunately many of these heavily promoted products and systemsfail to deliver,andsome are downright scams. Here we’re going to take a look at one such product that’s becoming increasingly recognizable.

What is it?

The 100k Factory is a product that was developed and released by Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton, two people whose goal was to provide their customers with a guide tomaking money online by opening an online business.

This doesn’t sound like an impossible mission, at least not until you realize what exactly the developers are promising.

What do they promise?

They named their product 100k Factory because it’s supposed to earnyour business 100k per year, keep on increasing that profit, and do all that in under 60 days! It sounds pretty far-fetched, but they claim it works. The goal ofearning 100k per year has been named Phase 1, while Phase 2 and 3 are focused on generating an even higher profit.

What are the concerns?

Some of the main concerns people have expressed about this business model come down to their traffic methods. The developers claim to be using traffic generation software that’s designedto increase the traffic on your website.

Such software usually consists of bots and doesn’t really do much when it comes to advertising, especially if you care about your site’s page rank. It also involves constant testing without providing any real chances of success.

Final conclusion

So it seems like the 100k Factory can do some good things for your business, like teaching you how to start monetizing your site.

This can be useful if you're a complete beginner, but determined to make your business work. But its overall performance is focused more on short-term than long-term results, which is why it’s not the best strategy if you're really serious about generating an income.