Apple is reportedly working on upgrading their wireless AirPods headphones with a couple of new features as technology continues to change and adapt. Rumors have indicated that Apple is also working on a new HomePod model and over-ear headphones.

Noise-canceling and water resistant

The new AirPod headphones will have upgraded technology as they will be water resistant and contain a noise-canceling feature, as reported by The Verge. Apple is seemingly trying to compete with Bose and other headphone companies by improving their wireless AirPods.

Apple's version has also been criticized in the past for being expensive at $159, and for being so small that customers can easily lose them. It is worth considering, however, that the added features could also mean a larger price tag.

According to the Verge, "support for hands-free Siri activation is said to be coming later this year, alongside a new case for the earbuds that will support Apple's forthcoming AirPower wireless charging mat." This would also be a game-changer as other companies have been working on adapting wireless charging for phones and other devices.

Some companies, however, have been able to make pads to wirelessly charge phones.

Rumors of a new HomePod, headphones

There are no details regarding what the new HomePod will feature, but The Verge says that Apple is also reportedly working on a new HomePod model for next year.

A report by Bloomberg gives more information regarding the upgraded AirPods: "Apple is trying to increase the range that AirPods can work away from an iPhone or iPad." This would also make the AirPods more convenient to use and that is what the brand is trying to do with all the added features.

It has to be noted that the wireless product will be water-resistant, but Bloomberg also notes that users should not swim with them.

On top of it all, Apple is also interested in adding health features to the next line of AirPods with a heart-rate monitor. The tech giant is also working on new headphones to compete with Bose and other brands. Bloomberg notes that the new line of headphones faced delays, but could be launching as early as next year.

Apple sells many different products like iPhones, iPads, and the MacBook Pro, but accessories help the brand out. According to Bloomberg: "Accessories have become an important revenue source in recent years." It will be interesting to see how these accessories perform upon release.

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