Who doesn't like new technology [VIDEO]? Every year, new phones are released. Just as you begin to get used to your phone, a new, more advanced model arrives. Then consumers ditch their current phones even though they may just be fine. A consumer can barely enjoy their new phone before another one arrives on the market. Additionally, with so many different cellular phones on the market, it can be difficult to pick which phone to purchase.

When it comes to the most brilliant brands for phones, the top two have been the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone.

But the decision can simply come down to which brand the individual trusts along with which operating system they prefer. Reports have indicated that there are three new iPhones that will be released later in the year.


The three iPhones

The report was found via an article on the website The Hamilton Spectator, written by Mark Gurman and Debby Wu. Apple is trying to appeal to customers this time around by releasing three different products. The trio will be an upgraded iPhone X, the largest iPhone yet, and a conveniently priced iPhone with the same features.

The article states that "Apple, which is already running production tests with suppliers, is expected to announce the new iPhones this fall." The prestigious brand is looking to cater to many consumers with three different lineup iPhones.

The biggest iPhone to release will have a "screen close to 6.5 inches...and will be one of the largest mainstream smartphones on the market." This iPhone will fit individuals looking to get a high-quality phone for business endeavors.


A gold color option is still being debated for the model.

The new phones indicated in the article could have "an upgraded operating system, probably called iOS 12 and code named Peace... with upgraded augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of the Siri digital assistant, health monitoring, and the ability to use Animojis in Facetime." The largest iPhone yet will have plenty of cool features for customers.

The cheaper phone planned to release alongside the largest iPhone could have the same design, just not all of the features. Reports indicate that it will be similar to the iPhone 8. Apple is taking a risk with this cheaper model, because the iPhone 5c did not do well, despite being a cheaper phone. The 5c was the iPhone with the plastic body, and the assortment of colors available and has been discontinued.

iPhone X failure

The trio arriving suggests that the iPhone X has not sold well despite all of the hype. Other competitors, like Samsung [VIDEO], have been able to sell well and outshine the newest iPhone.

Statistics found in the article state that "Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2017, below analysts' projections of 80.2 million units." The numbers for the powerhouse are down tremendously.

There are clear reasons why the latest member of the iPhone family did not sell well. It could point to the fact of the huge price tag with a whopping price of $1,000. People can also be pleased with the iPhone they have currently, and not see the value in upgrading.