Everyone needs support and motivation at times. Sometimes it helps to have an assistant, trainer, or friend with you, but it’s not always possible. Consider using your phone for something more than texting, calls, and pictures. Self-improvement Apps can assist in achieving your goals. Develop your brain and personal power using apps that help you stay focused, organized, and productive. Whether you’re looking to change your lifestyle or make small adjustments, these apps are perfect for a richer, happier you.


The Elevate app was designed to improve your math, cognitive, and speaking skills.

As you become more efficient, the app’s difficulty increases to continue to challenge your brainpower. With over 40 games to exercise your brain, there’s a lot of motivation to keep using the app. Keep track of your progress with a workout calendar. The longer you use the app, the more your skills will improve.

7-Minute Workout

This app keeps your body fit with short effective exercises. The 7-minute workouts get you moving to keep your body in shape. Get the most out of your workouts with exercises based off of high-intensity circuit training. Designed for people that don’t have a lot of time or are looking for a quick energy burst, the workouts can be done nearly anywhere.

Simply Being

This app sets you up with a guided meditation.

Choose between five, 10, 15, or 20 minutes and start your meditation session. Add ambient music and background sounds to the mediation. Use the app to meditate, calm down, or fall asleep. Guided by a soft welcoming voice, take as much time as you need to get to a relaxing state.


Lifetick is an app that is focused on helping you reach your goals.

Using the calendar, the app tracks your progress toward goals while helping you realize what’s the most important you to. Whether setting short term or long term goals, keep track of what motivates you to be the best you can be. Share your goals with others to feel proud of your accomplishments.


This budget-tracking app makes sure you stick to your budget limit.

Manage how much you spend in different areas like food, bills, leisure, and transportation. Being easy-to-use and intuitive, the app will have you feeling like a budgeting pro after a short time of using it.


In need of a boost of confidence? Try ThinkUp if you’re looking for positive affirmations that help keep you positive. Select from a huge array of affirmations in different areas of life, and personalize it by recording in your voice. Create your own aspirations or add background music for further relaxation. Slowly push negative thoughts out of your head and fill yourself with positive uplifting messages.

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