Pras Michél is bringing technology closer to the Black community. On Wednesday, May 2, the hip-hop artist launched Blacture. Blacture is a new digital platform that seeks to empower the Black community through economics.

Michél was a member of the popular hip-hop group The Fugees. He grew up in Irvington, New Jersey and attended Columbia High School like former band member Lauryn Hill. The group won two Grammys for best R&B performance and best rap album. Later he was nominated for a Grammy for “Ghetto Superstar.”

Blacture was first announced in a Super Bowl commercial.

In the short clip, Michél is on a stage blindfolded. When he takes off his blindfold, the words “Be Celebrated. Not Tolerated.” appear on the screen.

Why the release in Pittsburgh?

Michél chose Pittsburgh for the black talent that exists within the city. The city also has strong ties to education and technology. In the announcement at the University of Pittsburgh, he commended the city for its efforts to invest in black communities. Blacture wants to work with the city to keep the population in the city as they look for other opportunities.

There hasn’t been any official partnership mentioned, but it’s likely that the brand will work with the Pittsburgh City Council and Mayor Peduto. The Pittsburgh City Council officially declared May 2 Blacture Day.

What is Blacture?

The platform will include news articles, a mobile phone program, health care services, and urban development initiatives. Aimed at Black artists and community members, Blacture attempts to bring important services to people. Users will see the first editorial articles on the platform in the next few weeks. The articles will highlight impactful stories that receive little media attention, as well as lesser known stories.

The mobile phone initiative will combine blockchain technology and a monetary incentive program to get more users to the service. The Motif will be the first blockchain-based smartphone in the U.S. marketplace. According to CryptoNinja, the Motif will retail for around $350 and $395. Users will be able to link their debit card and send money to people globally.

The phone is expected to go on sale this fall. Each time consumers use the phone to do things like buy something online, they earn blockchain points that can be converted to money or other goods.

Blacture will roll out more services that focus on education, entertainment, and health. The company plans to release a streaming service that showcases black films.