With the development of technology, our daily life has become a lot easier. In the last five years or so, the Android platform played a very significant role in terms of technological development. With the launch of some useful Android Apps, our life has become easier as we now have the answer to a lot of problems as well. Therefore, have a look at what I consider the best Android apps of 2017, which can play a very important role in our life.


At number 5 on my list, I have an app called 'BlueMail'. If you are pretty busy at the office work and if you have to mail a lot of things to a lot of people every day then this app is very suitable for you.

BlueMail comes with a very good and user-friendly interference. Therefore, it can be said that the BlueMail is pretty easy to use as well. BlueMail generally supports all email domains, and the best thing about this app is it is absolutely free, therefore, you have every reason to try it out.

Google Maps

If you are heading towards some unknown destination or if you want to figure out the road towards some place, then Google Maps can be a very handy for you. This is why I would place this at app at the number 4 on my list. Google map is very easy to use and you can get the details of any location with a touch of a fingertip. You can download this app for absolutely free from the Google Play Store.

Google Allo

Google Allo was launched back in 2016 and it is one of the best apps in the list of virtual offices. Google Allo comes with a very developed AI and, at the same time, it can work as a virtual assistant as well. If you are looking for any kind of suggestions or any kind of assistance then Google Allo can be a perfect option for you.

You can easily get this app for free from the Google play store.

LastPass Password Manager

Android phones are used for a lot of purposes in recent times, in fact, you can even manage your bank accounts with the help of an Android phone. However, if you opt for mobile banking frequently, then, there is a good chance of all your details might be getting traced.

In order to deal with this issue, you can install Lastpass Password Manager. This app is at the number 2 on my list. The app gives extra protection to your log in details and no third party sources can get an access to your details. You can get this app after paying a small price of $12 a year.


Express VPN app is at the top of my list. A VPN can be a very handy app if you want to secure all of your details. If you use VPN then no sources can track your searches and it is always a safe option for you. When it comes to the VPN for the Android phones, then ExpressVPN can be a very good option. It comes at a price of $8 per month.