The increased use of Mobile Devices has allowed us to improve our information sharing, use social media and online shopping, watch mobile videos and place mobile calls, where and whenever we please. The use of mobile devices has increased by nearly 50 percent worldwide. America has the highest mobile usage rate, at around 78.2 percent, while Europe comes in a close second, at about 76.6 percent. The most popular activities are mobile video with a projected growth rate of 55 percent annually and social networking with a projected growth rate of 41 percent annually.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin are the five most used social networks.

Phones outrank tablets

According to mobile web traffic January 2018 statistics, four to five and a half inch screen smartphones lead in usage over tablets. Tablets are preferred over lap-tops and desk computers. This could well be that today's consumers are smarter about the impact of Security issues on ordinary computers. Mobile devices can be more secure due to the multi-layering approach of their operating systems, plus each app is digitally signed and user grants permission on an individual basis. Phones, tablets and other devices can be made more secure by the end user configuring the right settings and making use of the security apps and updates offered on the device by the manufacturer.

End users need to do their part

Although all efforts go into making mobile devices more secure, there is still a need to be prepared for security threats that can not be foreseen. Thieves are always looking for new ways of entering. End users should turn off automatic update so you can check permission lists but do updates as soon as they become available, and stay abreast of the latest threats.

Only use apps that you need and are from trusted sources and do not just accept permission lists that would have control over every program and app on your phone, it okay to say no. Remember to enable your automatic lock screen, turn off your location, backup data that is not done automatically and make sure to use secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Who knows, maybe one day security technology will allow users to use mobile devices without worrying about privacy and security issues, but until then end users must stay aware. The more popular the use of mobile devices to download and upload data, from home and work, the more vulnerable they are to attacks.