A start-up company named Letzwapp Communications, Inc launched some remarkable apps that are mainly focused on solving the user's pain points in our daily activities such as phone calls, texting or listening to music. The apps are now available on Appstore and Google Play.

LetzwApp updates your new Number to your contacts phonebook instantly

'LetzwApp' is a unique app to help Number changing problems. It will update your new number to all your contact's Phone Book instantly, also you can assign dummy numbers to spammers in a Single Click. The founder and entrepreneur, Sriram Varadhan said that "I know when I say that LetzwApp solves so many of the customer's issues.

That is the target of LetzwApp – with a secure process, it swaps your phone number directly in other contact's devices. So, when you are out of signal, you can assign any another phone number, regardless of network provider, so you get back on track without missing any contact from your list. Plus, you are not stuck with a long-term contract from your mobile network and pay high costs for a limited service."

LetzwApp is a unique, innovative product for the Telecommunication IT markets because it transcends the connectivity problems that other providers have. Now, as a user, you can enjoy the full efficiency of your mobile, without the worry of losing important calls. It brings you a digital, efficient solution – you don't have to inform your contacts each time you change the phone number.

LetzwApp makes sure to automatically update your new phone number directly in your contact's phone book. You can temporarily assign any number for as long as you like and how many times you like.

Patented technology to resolve number change pain points

Also, it is the perfect solution for users that travel a lot, be it pleasure or business or for busy people that have to always keep in touch. The company also recently launched another app named LetzRock. This app helps global users not having to skip the songs while driving, or engaged in physical activities such as sports or workout. LetzRock comes with one-touch songs categorization using Emoji icons.

Letzwapp Communications, Inc, a startup company is based in Portland, OR, US. It was founded by Sriram Varadhan in January 2017. The company is focusing on creating apps with the brand name LETZ and pioneering the creation of ultra-modern and user-friendly apps with the latest technology. LetzwApp and LetzRock Apps got recognized around the world in a very short period of time.