Microsoft is coming up with Surface phone soon. With the help of the smartphone, the company will enter the high-end smartphone market. The rumors on social media indicate that phone might launch in early 2018. It is worth noting that Samsung is also releasing the Galaxy S9 at the same time. The phone was earlier rumored to be delayed but fresh speculation suggests the launch next year.

The flagship is rumored to come with top-notch specs and features. The recent concept image revealed that the flagship might come up with a foldable design. The design will be first of its kind.

On the other hand, according to Windows Latest, the phone might mark aluminum body design with AMOLED edge-to-edge display.

Satya Nadella on Microsoft Surface Phone

According to Forbes, Microsoft CEO, In November 2016, Satya Nadella stated while referring to the Surface Phone that his company wants to build an “ultimate mobile device” ever. By reading the statement one could understand that he maybe meant that Microsoft doesn’t want to offer something ordinary or already present on the market. Microsoft has filed a number of patents this year. The tech giant is expected to feature 3D camera in its upcoming flagship. Notably, Apple iPhone X already sported the 3D cameras.

Apple featured the facial recognition software on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The same is expected to come up with the upcoming device as well. Nadella wants his company’s product to stand apart from the rest of its competitors. The camera on the phone could be dual-lens and water and dust resistant body.

The expected design of Microsoft's phone

Microsoft is partnering with other tech companies for the launch of Andromeda (OS).

It includes Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Surface Phone could be powered by Andromeda, The device will compete with samsung galaxy S8, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 in the high-end smartphone market.

Amir Estefad and Mohammad Reza Alidoost (UI/UX designers) has revealed the expected design of the phone. EStefad and Reza’s judgment was based on the numerous rumors plus patents.

Furthermore, Microsoft could also bring a Surface Pen with Surface Phone. It would be similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen. Still, there is a lot to confirm regarding the phone. Fans have to wait a bit more. This would surely help users carry out different functions on the phone better. Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and updates on technology.