Last year was the first time Xiaomi announced its upcoming MIUI 9 which was also followed by a beta update. A few days ago, the company released the MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM for its latest smartphones, the Mi 6 and Mi Max 2.

According to a post by XDA Developer, even though the company has already revealed its smartphone list for the Global Beta update, two users have claimed that they have received the Stable version of MIUI 9 on their Mi 6 and Mi Max 2. With the latest update, the MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM changes Mi Max firmware to MIUI V9.0.1.0NCAMEI.

The reason why both smartphones received the update first is probably that both phones are Xiaomi’s newest flagship models. However, the company stated that the release was just in the early stages and it was the only rollout to a small group. In other words, even though some users have the latest smartphones in their hands, not everyone is guaranteed the update for now.

MIUI 9 Features

The latest update of MIUI 9 offers new features that include innovative animations and icons when opening or closing applications. It increases the performance speed, allows users to access the multi-window mode, and grants the ability to search for apps during the Dual Applications mode. The update also comes with better protection from tapping-accident on the dial pad and a timer for Silent or Do Not Disturb mode.

Snapdragon 845 specs leaked

A post from GizChina suggested that the Snapdragon 845 could be released during December which is much earlier than fans anticipated. The website claimed that the chip features four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and four ARM Cortex-A78 cores while paring it with Adreno 630 GPU for better graphical performance.

The Snapdragon 845 is also installed with X20 connectivity modem that has an amazing drive up downlink speeds of 1.2 GB per second.

All flagship smartphones manufactured will get an enormous benefit from an early release of the Snapdragon 845 because most of them have no other alternative method for their custom SoCs. However, this will also push them to release their product earlier, to seize the higher percentage in the market.

Consider Samsung for example. The company is eager to launch its Galaxy S9 at an early date since they heard that Xiaomi is working closely with Qualcomm to optimize its chipset for the upcoming smartphone, the Mi7.

In the meantime, the latest chip could be fully available during the first quarter in 2018 which will also be the time when inventors will adapt the Snapdragon 845 into their devices.