With Black Friday almost here, Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Who wants to brave the chaos and long lines in stores when you can find better Deals online? And what site usually boasts the cheapest prices? Amazon, of course.

While many stores will have deals on just about every kind of item, one of the most common things people buy during this time of year are tech items. Television, computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, headphones, the list can go on and on. Amazon typically offers the best deals on a wide variety of tech items, and those deals just get even better on Cyber Monday. Many of these deals are available now.

PlayStation 4 console bundle

Amazon offers a pretty good deal on a bundle containing the PS4 and one game, typically coming out to less than the usual cost of the PlayStation 4 on its own. While deals can be found for the Xbox One, due in part to the release of the Xbox One X, the PS4 is still beating the console in popularity and discounts. You can find PS4 bundle deals from $200-$300 on Amazon this weekend, with the PS4 alone at only $200.

PlayStation VR headset with Skyrim

VR has now become all the hype in the gaming world, and it seems many more games are being released as VR. Amazon is offering a great deal on a PlayStation VR Headset with Skyrim [VIDEO] VR thrown into the mix as well. The PlayStation VR headset is a much better choice than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, offering a more user-friendly experience than the other two on the PC.

It's also an added bonus that it works with any PlayStation 4, meaning your VR games should work on your console with no trouble at all. This bundle, discounted to $350, contains the headset, camera, two motion controllers, and the new VR version of Skyrim. The Thanksgiving weekend is probably your best chance to join the world of VR at a fraction of the cost.

Roku streaming stick plus

If your television doesn't already have Roku built into it, you can get the Roku Streaming Stick Plus for about $50 on Amazon this holiday shopping weekend. This device can be the answer to your streaming needs, providing access to Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services with ease. At only $50, it's a great alternative to the much more expensive Apple TV.

Sonos speakers

A number of discounts on Sonos Speakers can be found on Amazon from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. The Sonos One is a good choice if you want your speakers to include Amazon's Alexa. You'll be able to control your music with just the sound of your voice.