The state of North Carolina is quickly becoming known for its craft Beer scene, boasting a large number of breweries. Asheville alone has become a beer capital. It seems Craft Breweries have been popping up like wildflowers everywhere in the state, offering beers from all over the spectrum including ones featuring flavors like maple bacon and peanut butter. Breweries offer a great place to enjoy a refreshing, cold beer, as well as see how their beer is made. North Carolina has quickly become home to many craft breweries and big-name brewmasters.

Wicked Weed Brewing - Asheville, NC

What started out as a dream, has now become one of the most popular breweries in North Carolina. Wick Weed Brewing is known throughout the state for its unique beers, although the atmosphere at the Brewpub is worth visit in its own right. The brewery quickly became popular with their unique take on Belgian beers and American ales. The Pineapple Sage-On is a blonde ale made with pineapple sage and pineapple chunks, while the Coolcumber is a golden beer made with basil, juniper berries, and cucumber. The Skal Wine Saison, which is ferment on top of Pinot Noir grapes, and the Tumeric Saison are both a must-try for any Saison lover. There are gluten-free options available too, such as the Oak Fermented Cider and Gluten Freek.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery - Boone, NC

The Boone brewery, in addition to creating great beers and cider, focuses on building community relationships and supporting local non-profits. Appalachian Mountain Brewery stays true to an ethical duty to their community and the environment by employing sustainable technologies like a rain garden and solar panels, as well as a grain exchange with local farmers and adding a bike station to the tasting room.

When it comes to the brews at Appalachian Mountain, it's hard to find such an extensive selection of beer and ciders, featuring pilsners, stouts, IPA's, hefes, saisons, and much more. The brewery hosts several common events, such as live music, Trivia Tuesdays, Open Mic Nights, and Share Nights.

Fullsteam Brewery - Durham, NC

Durham's Fullsteam Brewery also supports local farmers which are represented in their motto "From Plow to Pint," and the fact they purchase local ingredients to make their beer. The local ingredients give their brews a distinctively Southern taste, noticeable in beers like The Working Man's Lunch, a brown ale made with cocoa from local artisan chocolates, vanilla, and biscuity malts. Beasley's is brewed to go specifically with fried chicken, and The Carver is a sweet potato lager. Fullsteam Brewery is dog-friendly, often has food trucks on site, and has been named by Yahoo! Travel as "one of the five coolest craft beer tours in Amerca."

Lonerider Brewing Company – Raleigh, NC

Lonerider Brewing Company has become one of the country's top 150 breweries.

The brewery has won several awards at the Great American Beer Festival, the Craft Beer Rising London, and the Carolina Championship of Beers among others. Lonerider's award-winning beers include Hoppy Ki Yay, Peacemaker Pale Ale, Sweet Josie Brown Ale, and Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen.

Raleigh Brewing Company - Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Brewing Company, named after the "City of Oaks," takes pride in the city of Raleigh, its culture, and its history. Everything about them, from the names of their brews to the murals on display in the taproom, reflect it. Raleigh Brewing's five core beers are Hell Yes Ma'am Belgian Style Golden, Hidden Pipe Porter, House of Clay IPA, Moravian Rhapsody Czech Pilsner, and Blatherskite Scottish Ale. The brewery also offers four seasonal brews.