Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak is in no hurry to buy the new iPhone X when it hits the market. In fact, in the past, he would upgrade his existing phone on day one of the newly launched installments. But, this time he would rather wait to see all the latest updates before taking the plunge. According to Wozniak, the last few upgrades had nothing new to offer; he discovered that the iPhone 6 is the same as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Apple co-founder won’t buy iPhone X

Wozniak is well known for sporting the newly released models. But his latest remarks ahead of the pre-order are not too encouraging.

And while he will not buy the phone on its release date, his wife will. So, he will still get to check it out.

The stance of gadget's co-founder is undoubtedly a bit odd. Especially, since the iPhone X has been the highest profile launches in the company’s history. Could it be that the phone’s reputation preceded it?. Apparently, this is the prelude that will usher in another era of the “super-cycle” iPhones.

Apple's newest promotion boasts an edge to edge 8-inch bright, sharp display. The new design is smaller than the iPhone plus and equipped with facial recognition. Wozniak, though, isn’t impressed with the Face ID feature, though he hopes it works as described in the advertisement launched by the company.

Previously, most people planned ahead to buy the latest installment of Apple Iphone, but this time the iPhone 8 series doesn't seem to have impressed, with such dismal sales figures.

How will iPhone X fare?

Apple already promoted the launch of the new iPhone X, and this could account for the possible lull in sales of its predecessor.

Meanwhile, Google searches for iPhones have seen a drastic decline. However, the technology giant hopes that the iPhone X would renew consumers' sentiment.

And while the sales of the iPhone 8 series have not matched previous launches, it is not exactly bad news for Apple.The tech giant's revenue for 2016 will split between its newest gadgets, the iPhone 8, and the much-anticipated iPhone X.

Traditionally, Apple customers always rushed to purchase new products released by the company, so there is still hope for once its latest installment hits the market. Furthermore, newly launched iPhones usually garner 50% of the market. And while it is still early days, and with the Christmas season around the corner, the company should see a rise in profit. So, with its new gadgets, things should pan out well for the company which Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded.