Five teen boys are charged with second-degree murder for throwing rocks over the Michigan highway overpass, which led to the death of a man. One of the rocks that was thrown over the highway overpass smashed the van’s windshield, leading to the man’s death.

Police charge the accused with conspiracy

Time reported on Wednesday, October 17, 32-year-old Ken White – a resident of Mount Morris - was killed as a result of the freak accident. Morris was not driving the vehicle but was in the passenger seat. The rocks not only fell on the van but also struck several other vehicles that were traveling on Interstate 75, which is located some 80 miles north of Detroit.

Although the accused fall under the 15- to 17-year age group and are technically juveniles, the police have charged the perpetrators as adults. David Leyton, the prosecutor from Genesee County, stated that the act may not have been an intentional attempt to kill someone. However, the teenagers’ idea of having fun led to someone’s death. Scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, October 24, the accused teens also face charges of malicious destruction of property, as well as conspiracy.

Six-pound rock kills White

According to the law enforcement, the car’s windshield was smashed by a 6-pound Rock, which fatally injured White. Robert Pickell, the sheriff of Genesee County, revealed that the rock struck White’s face and head first, bouncing off to his chest.

The sudden and heavy impact on the head and chest by the rock resulted in White losing consciousness immediately. The van’s driver recollected that apart from his vehicle, four other cars were also disabled by the shower of rocks on the Interstate highway.

Ruckus caused by teenagers leads to death

According to the police, the irresponsible teenagers not only threw rocks but also a tire.

In total, the group intentionally threw 20 rocks over two highway passes. One of the rocks thrown by the accused weighed a whopping 20 pounds. The incident not only led to a man’s death but in the aftermath, several vehicles were damaged on the two highways. The authorities also revealed that after throwing the rocks for fun, the accused teenagers sped off to McDonald's to grab a bite.

The prosecutor’s office has charged the accused i.e. Kyle Anger, Alexander Miller, Trevor Gray, Mark Sekelsky, and Mikadyn Payne of second-degree murder, damage to property, and conspiracy. 17-year-old Anger is the oldest in the group. The other four are 15-years-old. According to the police, all five are residents of Clio.