At the Android forums (via Life Hacker), user Brian706 shared some print screens of a conversation he had with Google’s support rep, Alex.

Brian706 asked Alex whether or not rooting as well as flashing a ROM to the Pixel 2 smartphone will void its warranty since the handset will have an unlockable bootloader when purchased from Google. Google’s representative claimed that rooting the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL mobile devices won't void the warranty of the owners with the search engine giant.

This could mean that a Pixel 2 owner can root their device as long as the user doesn't break their smartphone, and when sending the handset in for warranty, the user must make sure their Pixel 2 is running on Android’s up-to-date version.


Owners of the device should only root their device if it is directly purchased from Google.

In other words, the warranty of the Pixel 2 or 2 XL is not guaranteed to stay intact if its user root the smartphone under a carrier for the reason that there might be a distinctive set of rules for such handsets in place. If Google might change its mind, then owners of smartphones might be out of luck since the permission to root the smartphone without voiding the warranty is not written anywhere in Google’s official documents, such as the tech company’s website.

Screen burn-in issue

Meanwhile, individuals with review units of the larger Pixel variant started noticing an issue over the weekend. The problem was not the grainy textures as well as the muddy color, but the screen burn-in.

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Android Central’s Alex Dobie took on his Twitter account to post the smartphone’s screen burn-in issue. A number of individuals have noticed that when they look at the smartphone’s screen, there's a faint outline of the mobile device’s navigation buttons.

Screen burn-in of the Pixel 2 XL is not an unusual problem, but it does appear alarming that it showed up within a week of the mobile device coming into usage. However, there’s a possibility that it’s just an image retention rather than an actual screen burn-in.

Portrait Mode feature

Also, people are reporting that they have been struggling to get the Portrait Mode feature of the device working when they are utilizing the front camera. Fortunately, the issue should be easy to fix as the search engine giant is launching a camera update that features Portrait Mode support for the larger model’s front-facing camera.


In addition, some users of the smaller variant are experiencing audio problems during their calls.