Google unveiled PIXEL 2, XL 2 only earlier this month and they are already available for purchase. The consumers have gotten their hands on the next-generation smartphone by the search-giant but there seems to be a problem with it. According to a report by BGR, Pixel XL 2 owners (specifically) are complaining about an issue with the handset’s display. The report says that while the problem is not overtly noticeable, it is somehow affecting the user experience.

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The report further states that the “screen problem” seems to annoy different viewing angles.

Furthermore, there is an unwanted tint of blue and grainy backgrounds appearing randomly as users scroll through tabs and web pages. BGR claims that this problem has got something to do with the handset’s RGB setting. Experts have found that the RGB setting is getting activated automatically, thus leading to these changes. As noted by Tech Radar, the search giant has responded to this issue. The company claims that they are “willing” to solve the problem on the basis of user feedback.

The engineers at Google designed Pixel’s display in a way that it features “natural” colors. But they have realized that there are many consumers who actually prefer “vivid” colors. To facilitate their requirements, Google has provided them with the option of boosting colors by ten percent.

This ensures a more “saturated” display, the company said in an official blog post. “We’re always looking at people’s responses to Pixel and we will look at adding more color options through a software update if we see a lot of feedback,” Google concluded.

Pixel XL 2 screen issue

On the basis of Google’s response to this issue, it is safe to assume that the Pixel XL 2 screen issue is actually not an “issue” at all.

In fact, it is something that the company has provided purposely. The Tech Radar report notes that it is easy to make out the difference between Google Pixel 2 smartphones and other devices because of this change. There are users who feel that their experience is being deterred because of this enhancement. At the same time, there are others who feel that Pixel XL 2 does not contain a “defective” screen.

Nonetheless, Google has promised to work on a software fix for this problem. Individuals are advised to compare Pixel XL 2 with other smartphones before purchasing the device if the display is their priority. The Google handset features a 6-inch front panel and VR-capable technology.