Just recently, most of the people’s attention seems to have been on Apple as they processed pre-orders for the iPhone X. Despite the new handset’s luxury-level price, all of its allocated stocks for the first wave of pre-orders were reportedly sold out. Previously announced challenges with manufacturing due to component shortages could delay additional shipments as late as next year. Meanwhile, the long-rumored entry of RAZER to the mobile phone market was confirmed and was set to be officially unveiled on November 1, 2017. A few weeks ago an accidental leak posted some specifications of the RAZER Phone on GFXbench, which revealed a very capable device.

Now, a couple more details have been revealed that further supports its brand’s gaming pedigree.

RAZER Phone leaks continue

With less than a day before its official unveiling, consumers did not expect to hear more details about the RAZER Phone. However, a report from PhoneArena noted that a mobile phone blog associated with Three UK pointed to a product listing that discloses more information about the smartphone. The product is the end result of the gaming hardware company’s collaboration with Nextbit. Earlier this year, they acquired the manufacturer of the Robin smartphone, which jumpstarted all the rumors about a gaming-centric mobile phone.

The latest Leaks reveal a massive 5.72-inch IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide), which claims to cram more pixels-per-inch than regular IPS LCD units.

Moreover, it reportedly boasts a Wide Color Gamut and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Its audio performance relies on two (THX-certified) front-firing speakers with Dolby ATMOS sound enhancement technology. Since the smartphone is supposedly designed for gamers, it is expected to equip powerful hardware that will demand more power.

RAZER has supplied a 4,000mAh lithium-ion battery that can be swiftly charged using Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ technology.

Previously-listed components

The GFXbench listing for the upcoming smartphone also listed a considerable 8GB RAM, which is supposedly paired with 2.4GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. On the other hand, a leaked picture of the unit’s back cover previously shared by Techbyte also noted its dual-camera setup, which is now confirmed to be a 13-megapixel, F/2.6 zoom and a 12-megapixel, F/1.75 wide-angle combo.

The RAZER Phone’s announcement has most likely attracted users who love to play games on their mobile devices. Fans of the gaming DNA marketed by the brand will surely love to own a smartphone with the familiar three-headed snake logo on its back. Furthermore, the company seems to have a sense of humor as a low-resolution image presumed to be the device shows 13:37 as the time.