A couple of months back, market analysts speculated that RAhashave plans to release a smartphone this year. The gaming-centric company recently acquired Nextbit and its technology, which led to the rumors that they plan to enter the mobile market soon. Despite the available facts, some consumers think that the suspicions have no concrete basis. Moreover, they think that the product will most likely become vaporware like others before it. However, the company seeks to prove them wrong as they have shared a tweet that most likely teases the new device.

RAZER gaming smartphone

Razer’s tweet apparently indicates the reveal date for their new product, which will be on November 1, 2017. Furthermore, the biggest hint that it will be a smartphone is the image of a guy holding what appears to be a mobile phone. Their social media post also included the text “WATCH for our biggest unveiling,” which is sure to leave fans excited.

Three-snake logo and premium design

While, the manufacturer is yet to share some of the finer details of the device, but it seems that loyalists of their products expect to see the three-headed snake logo on the back panel preferably illuminated.

The company’s design team will surely adorn the handset with a top-shelf appearance. Some users also suspect that the handset will only come in a black, which is the case with more than 80 percent of their products. Nevertheless, other colors should be also available, just like some of their peripherals.

Android operating system

The new phone will most likely have Android on board. Besides Apple’s iOS, there aren’t really any other options to keep their handset competitive with other brands. We do hope that they avoid too much bloatware and make it as close to vanilla as Google intended. RAZER has minimal experience with the operating system since their gaming laptops all run on Windows, but we are confident that they can pull it off without a hitch.

Lack of third-party accessories

From experience, fresh entries to the smartphone market usually struggle with accessory support. Third-party manufacturers would rather plunk their money down on established brands like Apple and Samsung, which makes it hard for newcomers to grab a piece of the pie. However, the company is an experienced peripheral-maker that has made various accessories for the competition. It seems like early adopters will have to settle for first-party accessory support, which is in no way a bad deal.

Hardware and availability

The RAZER brand has always been synonymous with gaming. Therefore, consumers will expect their smartphone to have the most capable hardware. Additionally, consumers will most likely need to wait until official details are revealed.

Likewise, nothing has been hinted about its availability and which carriers the device will partner with. Excited consumers can stay tuned and follow their Twitter account for future updates regarding the mobile phone.