Pokemon Go” is one of the most famous games in the world right now. The game was launched back in 2016. The augmented reality (AR) game began as a frenzy of sorts. While the same craze doesn’t continue any longer, millions of fans still use the app. Niantic has implemented many changes to the platform. The biggest update that “Pokemon Go” [VIDEO] received was last summer. Many of the key factors of the game, such as its Gym, Badges, and Pokestops received significant transformations.


According to a report by Tech Radar, the gym interface had changed completely. Niantic added newer items to improve the gamer’s experience.

One of the most visible additions was “Raid Battles.” Niantic announced that something called “Raid Battles” will be introduced in the coming weeks. Gamers will be able to access many unexplored locations and fight other users in multiple-style combats.

The game developer has also added a spin-able PhotoDisc at each of the Pokestops. This allows users to gain unique items and share their own with others. Niantic aims to encourage a greater number of users to continue playing the game. They also brought about changes to its Gym Badges.

The game developer plans on doing so through leveling up interactions with Gyms. Previously, there were only three permanent slots that gamers could use to accommodate their Pokemon in Gyms. Niantic has changed this number to six. Gamers will now be able to fill roughly six Pokemon in their slots.

What about Raid Battles?

Niantic is promoting a cooperative dynamics to “Pokemon Go’s” gameplay through the introduction of Raid Battles. This feature will officially be available for use in the span of next couple of weeks. The feature will allow users to team up with other active players in their region. Following which, they can work together and defeat other powerful clans. There are also computer-level Pokemon [VIDEO] groups called Raid Bosses that the groups of players will have to destroy.

Raid Battles are usually located at different Gyms. Once victory is achieved, the players are awarded newer items. The list of rewards included Rare Candies, two types of Technical Machines Fast and Charged, Golden Razz Berries and others. Players will also receive something called the Raid pass that will allow them free access to any of their desired games. There will be exclusive Raids spiraled all throughout the journey. Stay tuned.