Verizon plans to bring back full quality Video Streaming for subscribers, albeit with an additional fee. After capping video streaming quality in August, on Wednesday, October 25, the network operator revealed it would offer subscribers the option of streaming 4K Quality Video on their device. However, to get full quality video streaming, users will have to Pay an additional $10 on their “unlimited” data plan each month.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Verizon’s spokesperson b revealed that the new service would fall under the “Premium Streaming” plan, which would be made available from November 3.

She also disclosed that the total pricing of the plan would work out to $95 per month for a single line. Users of this plan would get video streaming at 1080p resolution or higher. According to a report from The Verge, the plan would support the maximum video quality that is available on the device the video is being streamed on. Thus, if the users of the plan own a device capable of streaming video at 4K resolution, Verizon would even provide that.

Verizon reinstates plan after canceling it in August

The carrier capped the video quality for all its unlimited data plan users in August. With the announcement of the new plan, the carrier is reinstating the same, but with some changes. Back in August, Verizon segregated its unlimited plans in two parts.

While the cheaper plan capped the video streaming quality to 480p resolution, the more expensive “Beyond Unlimited” plan of $85 provided video streaming to its users at 1080p on their tablets and 720p on smartphones.

Verizon subscribers hooked to the unlimited data plans had no other option but to watch videos at low resolutions even if their device support 4K video streaming.

The only way they could bypass this video throttle was to opt for the expensive “Beyond Unlimited” plan from the carrier. However, with the introduction of the “Premium Streaming,” subscribers will simply have to shell out an additional $10 every month to avoid viewing videos at low resolution.

Full quality video on other networks

Although Verizon is offering subscribers the option to bypass the video throttle, it is hard to accept the additional cost being imposed, especially when these restrictions were not in place in February. As for rival network operators, full HD video streaming on AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan costs $90 for a single line and $50 for a family of four. T-Mobile, on the other hand, asks for $80 per month for a single line and HD quality video streaming.