Oneplus is one of the fastest growing mobile makers in the world. The Chinese company has recently launched OnePlus 5. The smartphone features an impeccable design, an enhanced camera, and a powerful processor. The complete package doesn’t even cost too much. The company is now preparing to launch its successor next year. According to a report by Tech Radar, the next smartphone from OnePlus is speculated to come out in June 2018. Given that the current smartphone starts at $479, the next one will also cost almost the same. The phone has managed to give tough competition to other high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S8.

QHD Display

Since the very beginning, OnePlus has integrated the ideal 1080-pixels screen in its smartphones. Its competitors have already begun implementing QHD+ and 4K displays in their products. It is high time that even OnePlus considers opting for the QHD+ and 4K. If the company does adopt QHD+ displays, then the price of the smartphone will increase significantly as well.

Additional memory option

OnePlus offers an abundance of storage facilities in its smartphones. This is probably why the company thinks that it is unnecessary to provide an option of a microSD card. OnePlus 5 comes in two storage options: 64GB and 128GB ROM. There is no option for users to expand the memory. Other smartphones have options of expanding the memory up to 256GB and more.

With different kinds of needs coming into the picture, it is expected that OnePlus will integrate this option.

Water resistant capabilities

OnePlus 5 features all the modern-day options but is not waterproof. OnePlus hasn’t integrated it with any IP certification programs, but the Chinese giant might end up doing so in its next top-line device.

It is highly important for a smartphone to be both dust and water resistant.

Audio enhancements

OnePlus was expected to rid its 2017 version of the 3.5mm headphone jack. According to Tech Radar, OnePlus 5 does not boast any special audio capabilities. Therefore, the company is expected to upgrade its speakers for a better audio experience.

An under-the-display fingerprint scanner

Vivo is the first smartphone manufacturer to design the under-the-display fingerprint scanner successfully. Apple and Samsung are also expected to integrate the under-the display fingerprint scanner. OnePlus 6 is heavily speculated to come along with an under-the-display fingerprint scanner.