Google recently announced a lot of new gadgets at its 2017 Hardware Event, but one of the most interesting devices the search engine giant announced was its wireless headphones, dubbed the Pixel Buds. The wireless headphones pair seamlessly to Google’s latest Pixel 2 mobile devices, and the gadget can translate languages in real time.

The Pixel Buds wireless headsets are not totally wireless, but the device seems to compete against Apple’s AirPods with the same $159 price tag. The design of Google’s Pixel Buds headphones is reminiscent of the BeatsX earphones as it also features a wire that loops around the neck of the user.

The tech firm calls the feature a fabric loop. It keeps the device secure while also providing a comfortable fit.

Google’s new Pixel Buds can provide its users with up to five hours of battery life just like AirPods. The Pixel Buds also come along with a pocket-sized charging case, allowing the device to provide its user an additional 24 hours of battery life. The wireless headphones’ charging case is also useful for pairing the gadget to Google’s new-gen Pixel smartphones.

Opening the charging case will instantly launch Google Assistant to ask the user if they want to link the wireless headphones to the new Pixel smartphones. According to Engadget, with Google Assistant on board, users will be able to make calls, play music and get directions through voice commands.

This feature will also be compatible with other mobile devices running Android 7.0 Nougat operating system or higher. Users can easily activate the wireless headphones’ real-time language translation feature by touching and holding the right earpiece.

Gadget’s actual sound quality

As for the wireless headphones’ actual sound quality, The Verge claimed that the device exceeded expectations for a comprehensive bass response as well as sound quality.

The media outlet also claimed that the device was able to provide clear highs as well as delivered better basslines compared to its competitors. While the Google Pixel Buds and the AirPods have the same price tag, opting between the two gadgets seems to come down to the preference between Android and iOS.

Release date

The headphones will be up for grabs in different color options: blue, black and white.

Google announced that the gadget will be available in Australia Singapore, U.K., Canada, Germany and in the United States next month. The pre-orders for the headphones are now available from the Google Store.