In a bid to enhance the cross-device user experience, Microsoft created Edge browser for Android and iOS devices. Microsoft made it known that iOS device users can now avail the Edge browser, while an Android version will be coming soon.

iOS device users can acquire Microsoft’s Edge browser in the form of a preview. This means only iOS device users in the United States will be able to try the browser out on their mobile devices. According to Windows Central, the availability of the Edge web browser is expected to be available to other countries soon.

iOS device users who want to test to see how useful the Edge web browser is will have to download and install the Test Flight app of Apple. Device owners will also have to sign up to the preview program of Microsoft. Users will enjoy all of the familiar features of the Edge browser’s Windows version of the iOS app, including Reading List, Reading View, and Favorites. Nonetheless, the standout feature on this Windows 10 version of the browser is that it will allow users to continue website browsing on a Windows 10 computer.

Continue on PC feature

In doing so, users will have to tap the Continue on PC icon at the browser’s bottom. Then, users will be able to continue browsing the website on their computer.

This should be very convenient for iOS device owners who want to continue whatever they are browsing on their mobile device with their computer.

Microsoft Launcher

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also relaunching its Arrow Launcher (now called the Microsoft Launcher) for Android mobile devices, The Register reported. The Redmond, Washington-based tech firm first rolled out the Arrow Launcher a couple of years ago, but the launcher did not get much attention.

Now Microsoft is relaunching it with a new design, as well as a new moniker. Android device users can acquire the Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store. While the Microsoft Launcher is still a preview, users who want to try it out will still have to sign up.

Microsoft Launcher is the tech firm’s attempt to bridge the gap between utilizing a mobile device and continuing on a computer.

Just like Edge browser’s Continue on PC feature, the Microsoft Launcher will allow Android device users to continue viewing their videos, images, and other files on their computer.

Microsoft Launcher also comes along with a feed of information from reminders, calendar appointments, and news. Users can customize the launcher with different color accents and themes.