Amid multiple reports pointing to the recently announced demise of the Windows 10 Mobile, smartphone enthusiasts are now unclear about the fate of the long-rumored Surface Phone.

Microsoft did not keep its plan to manufacture smartphones under wraps; however, the Redmond-based software giant made it perfectly clear that they are highly unlikely to come up with a mere bezel-stripped smartphone with double the camera.

The fate of the Surface phone

It’s worth noting that the HP Elite X3 will be the last Windows 10 smartphone unless Microsoft decides to launch the controversy-plagued Surface Phone in near future.

The internet was rife with reports suggesting that a follow-up to the Elite X3 was in the works, but HP has indicated that the company is no longer making Windows 10-branded mobiles. In other words, the Microsoft Surface Phone could be gone too.

In fact, HP EMEA will bring further development work on mobile OS (operating system) to a halt and end support for the HP Elite X3, the company's chief Nick Lazaridis told The Register in an interview.

Is there still hope?

Although Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has indicated in the past that the company is likely to dive back into the mobile segment, the tech firm continues to abandon any possibility of returning to the mobile scene.

Nadella said Microsoft will make more phones when it says it will; however, they will not be like any other phones that are currently up for grabs in the market.

This suggests, the mobile they were pointing to will pack an array of jaw-dropping upgrades and features that will radically enhance its performance and overall experience. This shred of information also aligns with previously leaked patents for handsets.

But as noted by Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, the fate of a device can change in weeks or even days.

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That being said, it has been a few months since Nadella hinted at the arrival of the Surface Phone.

There is a possibility that Microsoft has decided to completely abandon the Surface Phone, which was supposed to be the company's saving grace as far as returning to the mobile competition is concerned.

But for now, it looks like Microsoft seems in no mood to deviate its focus from developing Windows 10 Mobile while supporting Lumia smartphones including Lumia 650, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL.

Aside from that, the company will support a slew of other devices from their OEM partners.

Since nothing is set in stone yet, smartphone enthusiasts may have to continue waiting with bated breath until Microsoft confirms they are indeed working on the hotly anticipated Surface Phone. Watch this space for more Surface Phone related news and updates.