Good news for car enthusiasts, they can now drive the iconic Porsche luxury Sports Car without owning one. The German-based automobile giant undergoes some major makeover this week, announcing new service.

According to TechCrunch, the German automaker introduced a new subscription-based service called Porsche Passport. This new Netflix-style subscription offers an on-demand short-term rental program that gives people a great chance to drive different Porsche cars for their different needs. The new service will allow Passport members to access up to eight models of the iconic luxury sports car, including the Cayman S, Cayenne and 718 Boxster.

What to expect from the newly announced service

The new service, which will start first in Atlanta according to the company's North America affiliate, will be made available in two tiers, the Accelerate, and the Launch. The Launch service, according to the automobile giant, will offer eight variants of the Macan, Cayenne, 718 Cayman, 718 Boxster and will start at $2000 per month. On the other hand, the Accelerate will be offering a far greater number of cars, a total of 22 variants including the Porsche 911, Panamera and the other four models from the Launch service. However, Accelerate will be more expensive than Accelerate, service will start at $3000 per month.

As mentioned earlier by The Verge, the monthly service fee will also cover car registration, vehicle taxes, insurance, and even maintenance.

Porsche also added some option, allowing people to change their cars as many times as they want. Additionally, there will be no mileage caps. This means that user could use Porsche 911 on a daily basis or switch to Boxster on some special occasion.

There will be an initial $500 activation fee as well as a credit check. The Porsche Passport app will be made available on both Android and Apple iOS users, allowing people to schedule same-day or even future vehicle exchanges, The Verge reported.

This is not the first time an automaker offers this kind of subscription-based service. Germany’s Volkswagen Group also tried a new concierge rental service called Audi on Demand and also a subscription service called Care by Volvo. Volkswagen’s Audi on Demand currently operates within the San Francisco area only.

As for Porsche, the pilot program will start first in Atlanta, and its result will determine whether the company will continue the new subscription-based service or not.

A company’s spokesperson has confirmed to the tech website The Verge that expansion to other markets will be determined based on the feedback made by some Atlanta customers.

About Porsche

Founded in 1931 and based in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche AG is a German automobile company that specializes in high-performance luxury sports cars, as well as SUVs and sedans. The company owned a rich portfolio of renowned brands, which include the Cayenne, Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, and Macan.