Microsoft is working hard towards getting more people to use its Windows 10. Launched roughly two years back, the software hasn’t been able to attract all the Windows 8 users yet. The firm updates the software with newer, attractive features consistently. In a similar effort, Microsoft now hopes to enable Cortana to deliver a better virtual digital assistant experience.

What do reports suggest?

According to a report by The Verge, prolific leaker - WalkingCat – has spotted a new feature called “Follow Me,” in the upcoming Windows 10 update. According to Walking Cat, Cortana could be seen providing a step-by-step guide to the user on how to carry out certain actions in Windows 10.

In the video-clip that Walking Cat saw, the user was primarily provided information on how to connect a Bluetooth device.

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It’s not like Windows 10 did not have a separate “Help Me” section for users who’d get lost while figuring out certain functionalities, but it was more generalized. The users would be provided with a page filled with instructions. The latest update will allow Cortana to stay with the user in each and every step they take towards completing their preferred action on Windows 10. In the case of connecting a device via Bluetooth – the user would be informed about where to find the option in “Settings,” how to connect the device to the “Bluetooth section,” and ensure that the function is activated.

Only when the entire activity reaches completion, will Cortana resume its normal duties. Cortana slowly explains the entire procedure so that users are able to stay on the same page as the digital assistant. The individuals have the option of quitting the guidance tutorial anytime. They simply need to tap the “Escape” key, a report by Tech Radar reads.

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The report further goes on to state that the “Follow Me,” feature will be especially handy for new users. Getting visual instructions within the desktop itself is of significant advantage. There is very little information about the functionality available in the video. There are chances that this new experience might still be in its development stage.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that they plan on introducing “Follow Me,” in their next update. But as noted by Tech Radar, it is perceived as a good move by Microsoft. This will give Cortana an upper hand over its competitors like Siri and Google Assistant.