The last few months saw either the first reveal or the initial availability of the latest smartphone models from several companies. Big names like Apple and Samsung have already played their hands with the newest iPhones and Galaxy Notes. Some of the other brands have also made their presentations like the Essential PH-1, and the Google/HTC news that the internet giant was getting ready to make its own smartphone hardware. There was also a shot at Apple’s iPhone unveilings courtesy of Chinese electronics leader huawei, followed a boast that they have a “real AI phone” coming up later in the year.

But curious consumers will not have to wait after photos of their Mate 10 Pro smartphone were leaked online.

Reliable leak

The said advance look of the Huawei Mate 10 can be attributed to veteran smartphone news leaker Evan Blass, who initially posted a display shot of the new gadget on Twitter.


The Said picture shows four units of the new mobile’s high-end version, with three, turned to the back displaying their different color variations and camera setup. The fourth phone is facing the screen, and its default wallpaper displays a stylized giant-font “AI.” Said wall is yet another shout-out to Huawei’s significant strides in the development of artificial intelligence for mobile devices, and their plans to put them in their smartphone lineup.

In an earlier scoop from last month, Blass revealed that Huawei will be rolling out no less than three different variants of the Mate 10 phone. There is the baseline model, the premium-type Mate 10 Pro, and the less-pricey Mate 10 Lite. Additional features that the leaks have revealed include an 18:9 aspect ratio edge-to-edge display and no less than three camera lenses, one front-facing and two rear ones.

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The Pro version of the phone also has a style element in that the area of the rear casing with the cameras has a wide band with a different color shade running across it.

Jabbing at Apple

Huawei has had quite the fun in taunting Apple online following the presentation of the iPhones 8 and X models. The Chinese smartphone maker had posted a Facebook video making fun of the perceived iffy-ness of the new Apple devices’ facial unlock feature and insisting that they have a better grasp of AI tech for their own phones. They plan to have the new Mate 10 and its Kirin-970 chip with a neural processing unit (NPU) compete with the iPhones’ neural engine which operates the facial unlock.

Online leaker Evan Blass notes that the Mate 10 series will have glass backs and cameras designed by Leica (12 & 20-megapixel rear cams plus 8-megapixel front cam). The pictured Pro variant will have 4,000mAh battery, 6GB of RAM and 64-128GB of storage. The official preview date of Huawei’s new phones will take place on October 16.