Since Google officially unveiled its newest division called, a lot of things that could affect our future have been introduced. From as little as an AI-powered camera to as large as piloting autonomous ships, Google has undoubtedly reached for a higher form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) other than just algorithm for searching things over the Internet.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has earlier spoke of the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, is wary of how Google’s AI has rapidly developed these past years.

While most companies believe that AI is the future, Musk believes the AI is “the most serious threat to the survival of the human race.”

Advance intelligence

In a recent review conducted by The Verge, it talks about Google Clips – the first camera powered by Google AI. Aside from its capabilities, the 83-second video talks about how the camera’s algorithm can learn to recognize faces of family members including their pet/s.

A Google spokeswoman told CNET, “All of the machine learning happens on the camera and Clips does not connect to the internet to transfer content.” She reiterated that nothing leaves the camera until the owners save it to the cloud. But does it only transmit the pictures? Musk doesn’t think so.

Unmanned autonomous ships

Google is also working on improving the artificial intelligence of Rolls-Royce seagoing vessels. A new agreement between the two companies gives Rolls-Royce access to Google's Cloud Machine Learning Engine to train “its AI-based object classification system for detecting, identifying and tracking the objects a vessel can encounter at sea,” as reported by

Currently, some essential yet traditional technologies are not yet polished; in particular, is the human lookout. Improving this technology could completely relieve humans from this task, making “vessels safer, easier and more efficient to operate by providing the crew with an enhanced understanding of their vessel's surroundings," according to Rolls Royce.

The most intelligent AI

A study conducted by three leading Chinese researchers show that Google’s artificial intelligence technology has made significant improvements during the past two years, closing the gap to a 6-year old child. The study also shows that Google AI’s supposedly leading competition – Apple’s Siri – being left behind by a mile.

The study entitled “Intelligence Quotient and Intelligence Grade of Artificial Intelligence” was conducted by leading researchers Liu Feng, Yong Shi, and Ying Liu shows that Google currently has the most intelligent AI technology with an IQ of 47.28. Chinese search engine Baidu scored 32.92, edging Bing with 31.98, while Apple’s Siri only got 23.94.

What’s notable about this study is the fact that Google is closing in on the intelligence of a 6-year old child which has an average IQ of 55.5 – or a difference of a little over 8 points. An average 12-year old kid has an IQ of 84.5 while an 18-year old teen has 97. It’s important to note that the IQ scores were taken in 2016.