Tesla CEO Elon Musk has never been in favor of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over common peoples’ lives. Therefore, it was only expected that he wouldn’t be all-praise for the recently revealed Google Clips camera. The tech wizard took to Twitter on October 8 to make his disregard for the Google camera public. His post was in reply to another tweet shared by The Verge.

Elon Musk criticizes Google Clips

Google presented its AI-based camera last week, which is capable of identifying faces that are of special interest to the owner. Once Clips spots such faces, it takes candid photos of them, without the owner knowing about it.

An LED light does flash to signal that the camera is on. However, such a flash can be easily overlooked.

“This doesn’t even *seem* innocent,” Musk tweeted, taking a jibe at the Google Clips camera. He believes that the camera is in blatant disregard of peoples’ privacy. Google has refused to comment specifically on Musk’s tweet. However, according to CNET, a company spokesperson said that the AI-powered camera is for intentionally capturing more moments of important people, something like seven-second clips.

People reminded of Google Glass

The spokeswoman also mentioned that Clips does not automatically connect to the Internet, and all the machine learning happens on the camera itself. It shares nothing automatically unless the user saves the images and shares them.

Even though Google is marketing Clips to families, those with Musk, believe that it has the same properties that made the Google Glass bomb.

The conspicuous device came with a touchpad, display, and camera. It allowed its users to record the surroundings with minimum fuss. It is possible that Clips and Glass will one day combine.

Then, it may not only be capable of recognizing faces but also scenic surroundings or a mountain sunset, whatever a user desires.

No display to show where the camera is pointing

Many are not in favor of the Clips camera taking photos without the owner’s permission. The camera must be in a stable position though, to allow it to take the best shots.

The debate on AI will continue for a long time. It is the users who have to decide whether a feature is worth using or not. Google Clips is a pricey affair. It costs $249 and comes with a blinking LED, a small button and no display.

At this point, it is very difficult to ascertain the success of the Clips camera. It could be an instant hit or bomb like the Glass.