enterprise software giant Oracle made some big headlines this week. The company announced the next generation of its flagship Oracle database, a new autonomous database capable of patching itself.

According to Silicon Angle, Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison has just revealed to the enterprise world its latest salvo, a new autonomous database called Oracle 18c. The newly revealed database will be able to patch itself from cybersecurity flaws while still running or without having to go offline. This means that IT would no longer need to schedule downtime for a database update.

That feature could be a big advantage and a huge leap over the current database system and other database services in the market.

About the new Oracle 18c

The Redwood City-based company wants to make it easier for its enterprise customers to power their computing environments. Thankfully, the enterprise software giant came out with one good idea, a new autonomous database that uses machine learning technology. The newly revealed Oracle 18c will use machine learning technology to help optimize the database for frequent use patterns through indexing, caching and other computing techniques, according to VentureBeat.

Additionally, the Oracle 18c will also ensure the safety of customers’ data. The new database can also automatically expand or shrink its size, based on available compute and storage spaces.

More importantly, the new database will offer ease of database management through automation. This will help free up IT administrators to work on other IT tasks like cybersecurity and IT planning.

As for the general availability, the company plans to release Oracle 18c this coming December, while in June of next year for the online transaction processing version.

The new database will also run on private data centers or on the customer-owned infrastructure. Customers can also have Oracle truck in its managed infrastructure through the company’s cloud computing services, Oracle Cloud.

During the company’s annual Oracle OpenWorld conference, founder Larry Ellison made some comparison with its rival’s product, Amazon Redshift.

The executive chairman made a bold claim that his company would guarantee that running its database service in its cloud service would be less than the half the cost of running the same computing workloads using Amazon Redshift on AWS.

Ellison also claimed that the new database will be more elastic than Amazon Redshift, saying that the new Oracle 18c could quickly adapt to workloads without wasting resources, according to Business Insider. Finally, Ellison added that the new database will be able to process data much faster than Amazon. Ellison also made some good follow up with this bold claim, sharing live demons which showed the database speed.

Other Oracle-related stories

In other Oracle-related news, the board of the enterprise software company has recently announced that it opposed pay equity report proposal.

The software giant explained that it already committed to paying equity to all of its employees.

According to The Street, the enterprise software giant has urged its board to vote against a proposal that requesting the company to issue a gender pay gap report. The Street reported that the 12-member Oracle board of directors has already unanimously recommended a vote against the pay equity proposal brought by Pax World Mutual Funds.

Oracle is not the only company to issue a gender pay gap reports. Other tech companies have already issues gender pay gap reports. These include Apple, Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft.