Apple released macOS High Sierra operating system with enhanced features as well as new forward-looking technologies to Mac computers. The new operating system has been available for weeks and some Mac users are experiencing an iMessage problem. Mac owners are complaining that after updating to the new software, they are experiencing delays in receiving iMessages.

Apple Insider first reported the iMessage issue on macOS High Sierra in Apple’s official community forum. A Mac user (who started the thread) claimed that the messages he received on his Mac are extensively delayed since he installed the macOS High Sierra. The thread on Apple’s community forum is skyrocketing with more Mac users having the same issue.

A number of users in the forum suggested temporary fixes for the delay issue. Mac owners who are experiencing the iMessages delay issue should try to disable and re-enable the messages feature on their computer. It is also recommended that users send messages on Mac instead of iPads or iPhones. There’s no guarantee that these solutions will work and it appears that the permanent solution is to downgrade back to macOS Sierra.

According to The Verge, the Cupertino-based tech company planned to launch Messages in iCloud on the new Mac software. This feature will sync the messages of the Mac users across all their gadgets as long as these devices are linked to one iCloud account. The messages synced via iCloud on macOS High Sierra operating system is useful when a user wants to remove a message on an iOS device and have it removed on their Mac computer simultaneously.

iCloud synchronization

Apple’s official community forum users have suggested that the iMessage delay issue in the new operating system might be due to iCloud synchronization. Apple's forum users speculated that the tech company may have done something in the new operating system that modifies the way messages are linked via iCloud.

Meanwhile, a community bug report for the macOS High Sierra problem has already been created. The report should alert Apple about the issue so that the tech company can start finding a permanent solution for the problem.

Software's features

In spite of that, the macOS High Sierra features Metal 2, HEVC (H.265) support, Apple File System, Autoplay blocking in Safari, Anti-tracking in Safari as well as VR and external GPU support. The operating system also arrived with a better Siri, facetime Snapshots, Pinned Notes and Tables in Notes.