Apple will be making its iPhone X available for pre-orders on October 27. The company will begin shipping the first phones by November 3. According to a report by MacRumors, Apple expert and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made two predictions about the company’s plans regarding the iPhone X. His first prediction is that the Cupertino giant is done solving all the production problems that they were believed to be experiencing. This involved manufacturing key features of the device such as flexible printed circuit boards for the handset’s antenna and its wide-angle, dual rear camera setup.

Kuo further went on to predict that Apple will only be able to ship around two to three million of its iPhone X units in the first phase November 3. As noted by Tech Radar, this is an even tighter schedule than what was previously believed.

iPhone X updates

It was previously believed that ten million of the iPhone X units were being manufactured for sale in November. Two executives working closely with Apple were quoted by Chinese publication, Nikkei Asian Review as saying that “tens of thousands” of iPhone X units were being manufactured each day. Nonetheless, the company was on track with its different (launch) phases scheduled over the span of the next few months. But Kuo now claims that the smartphone will be limited in supply.

This will only take place initially. According to him, once Apple catches hold of the pace, they will be able to deliver products on time. The shipment estimate for the last quarter is expected to be around 25 to 30 million units.

Book before October 27

Apple fans are advised to pre-order the iPhone X as soon as it is made available on October 27.

One thing that remains clear, as of now, is that the company is no longer facing production issues. If this turns out to be accurate, then Apple won’t take time to pick up the pace. The company will make up for the lost time soon enough. Meanwhile, a new rumor claims that iPhone 9 – which will be introduced in September 2018 – will feature similar features to the iPhone X.

The only difference will be that the device will be available for a comparatively cheaper price. Chinese site Economic Daily quotes a supply-chain source as saying that the company has already begun working on two high-end devices. They are currently being referred to as, “Lisbon,” and “Hangzhou.” “Hangzhou,” is a slightly smaller variant. They are scheduled for launch in 2018.